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Abby Asistio is a singer, songwriter and a TV host all rolled into one. She has been performing for 6 years in different bars, events and concerts in the metro. She produced “Tagpuan”, “When I’m with You” and other songs that she herself composed. As a host, Abby was a part of GMA NEWs’ “Remix Report,” and TV5’s “Tekno Trip” with KC Montero. She is  an advocate of Alopecia Areata, a disease which struck her when she was 4-years-old, and has continuously been campaigning for Alopecia Areata awareness through various social media platforms.  · Her Alopecia Areata awareness on Instagram has garnered a collection of more than 1000 pictures and responses from all over the world.  She has been invited to different speaking engagements to share her story.  In 2012, Abby was chosen  as  one  of  the  ten  finalists  of  Dove’s  latest  Real  Beauty campaign, which focuses on real life stories of women who were able to break social barriers with their inner beauty and strength. In June 2013, Abby was chosen to be one of the 30 young achievers under 30 by Meg Magazine. Recently, she was one of the few invited to meet Mark Zuckerberg during Facebook’s 12 Friends Day Anniversary.  Out of 1.6 billion people, Abby’s was one of 6 stories chosen to be featured in a one-on-one with Mark and his team.  She was recently invited to a TedX event at the University of the Philippines last November to talk about her growing up with Alopecia.

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